Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 Day Meal: Chili and Nachos

Day 1: Chili.
I like Jamie's recipe here.

Day 2: Nachos.
tortilla chips scattered about a plate,
queso cheese (I get the stuff found in the chip dip section) heated on the stove then slathered on the chips,
leftover chili, (even tastier with time),
pico de guyo for freshness (I just use three ingredients for my pico - tomatoes, finely chopped onion, cilantro).

We had the "day 2" nachos for Sunday dinner, and it was so good and easy. Maybe because it was after church it was extra delicious, I don't know, but mmmmmmmm mmm.


nettie said...


Your pico is missing LIME and peppers.

jamie k said...

mmm ... i'll pay you to bring me some nachos right now.

Kelli said...

ha ha i was trying to figure out how to spell gallo.

ooh i will add lime and peppers. i just always have the other three ingrediants laying around, but if i plan ahead i will get those other two.

Kim said...

I'm doing this for saturday/sunday. Thanks for the idea!