Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This Cheese Will Change Your Life

I think I was watching Ina Garten on the Food Network, when she showed how to do this. It has totally changed my idea about Parmesan Cheese, and Italian food. I. Love. It.

I buy the huge block of Parmesan at Costco for around $15. It comes in a big wedge. 

Then I just cut the entire thing into small cubes-about 1/2" or smaller.

Then I grind it in my food processor. Only put a few in at first, because they kind of rattle around in there. It's super loud. But so worth it. Keep adding and process it in small batches.

Tons of cheese for $15! I store mine in a gallon Zip-loc in the freezer, and just take it out when I need it. No need to defrost. You will definitely taste the difference in this cheese! Do yourself a favor and don't touch that powdery stuff in the green container. You'll thank me. 

PS-This is a great alfredo recipe. Super easy. Its one of my go-to quick dinners.


jamie k said...

i always think of doing this ... since you told me about it a while back.

that's a gallon bag??? that makes a TON! i will put it on my costco shopping list.

Mary said...

To die for. Seriously.

Ina Garten is a ingredient snob, but this idea is good. I love how she always says stuff like, "You can use store bought chicken stock, but I prefer homemade." Sheesh.

Kelli said...

dang! i just barely bought a giant green tub of it.

Kim said...

I finally did this and I love it. But I don't think Wyatt is ready to give up green cheese just quite yet:)