Wednesday, May 23, 2012

go to dinner

just curious what your favorite go to meal is on a night you don't feel like cooking or are busy running kids around or going to mutual or other things like that.

Mine is usually homemade mac and cheese.  It;s not my favorite, but the kids love it and i usually roast lots of veggies or have a tossed salad and some fruit to go with it. 


Mary said...

I either do those mini meatloaves or that quick fettuccini I posted a while back. I cook chicken in big batches then shred it and freeze it so I always have it in hand.

jamie k said...

hmmm...i haven't commented to this yet because i don't think we have a "go to" dinner.

i guess we do spaghetti sometimes when nothing else is planned. i don't love spaghetti, but andy does. i just use store bought sauce (+ground meat) and add some brown sugar and red pepper flakes to the mix.

in the winter, sometimes it's chili or homemade tomato soup w/ grilled cheese.

for a while i was on a quinoa and roasted veggie bowl kick. i'd roast whatever veg i had on hand + quinoa + balsamic vinegar or lemon juice + evoo + some beans sometimes. i mostly just ate it when andy was at work. he's not a quinoa lover. i thought it was my best made up dish yet.

not many ideas from me, but i would love some. we go out too much when we don't have something planned.

Kelli said...

if i plan ahead, i always make that crock pot parmesean chicken,

i also always make those creamy chicken taquitos.

both of those i always have ingrediants on hand.

Kelli said...
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Emily said...

One of my go to meal is plain old baked chicken breast (or grilled in the summer). Slab some BBQ sauce o whatever sauce you want towards the end of baking. Super easy. I also do scrambled eggs o tuna Sammy's