Monday, June 3, 2013

let's talk chicken.

my friend brought some grilled chicken for us after i had damon. i love grilled chicken, but i hate dealing with chicken breasts and sometimes they are too big/thick. but my friend brought grilled chicken tenderloins - soooo much better than breasts. i remember mom told me to buy these in college, but i haven't since. they are perfect for grilling. or when the chicken isn't mixed in to other things (ie soup, crock pot chickens, etc ... for these things i still use chicken breasts).

we have eaten grilled chicken every week since. with grilled veg. yum.

i buy the big bag at costco.

our favorite is this recipe. super quick and easy. i let it marinade for like 24 hrs.

just thought i'd share my new discovery and renewed love of grilled chicken.


Kelli said...

What about the giant tendon in those cuts. How do you deal with that?

nettie said...

That's what I don't like too.

Mary said...

Nice tip. Are the ones you buy at Costco frozen?

jamie k said...

Kelli, I only notice it in like half of them. It's worth it to me bc I like the tenderloin meat that much better than breast, as far as eating grilled chx goes.

Mary, yes. Frozen bag at Costco.

I also like that it's not individually packaged like the breasts are. Super quick and easy.