Thursday, May 15, 2014

rotisserie chicken dinner, picnic style

This could actually be called Costco Dinner Part 2, because I got everything at costco.
This is an easy meal, I got the idea here.  I had originally planned to take as a picnic at swim because their practices go right through dinner, but it was cancelled the night I planned for it, so we had it at home.  EASY.

  • 1 rotisserie chicken (costco rotisserie chicken are the best, I buy one every time I go.  They are still really good reheated the next day)
  • cheese sliced or cubed.  Any cheese you have or like.  This would be a great opportunity to buy a fancy cheese you always want to buy.  WE only had cheddar and muenster, and it was still good
  • fruit.  I like berries with this.
  • crusty bread (or if you are at costco, the ciabatta rolls are good and easy
  • veggies (we had carrots and mini bell peppers and sugar snap peas)
That's it, serve it picnic style, the kids ate everything on their plates.

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