Friday, April 26, 2013

Costco dinner

No, this isn't a recipe for a hot dog and soda.

As I was throwing stuff together I realized all my ingredients were from Costco.  So if you  make this and you get your Broccoli from Smiths or Safeway (for the Fallonites) you can't call it Costco Dinner. You have to call it something like Chicken Pesto Tortelini with Broccoli. This is easy and so tasty, that costco pesto is heavenly.


7 Cheese Tortelini
Broccoli flourettes
Chicken breast(s)
Pesto sauce
Grated Dubliner Cheese or Parmesan

Bake a chicken breast or two depending on how much tortellini you're making and how much you like chicken.  Start boiling some water when chicken is about 2/3 done. When water starts to boil add desired amount of tortellini and desired amount of broccoli at the same time. I like my broccoli a little on  the crunchy side so if you like it mushier add it a little before the tortellini. Dice up the chicken, add it to the drained tortellini and broccoli then add desired amount of pesto. I actually let everyone add their own pesto to their own dishes because some of us like more pesto than others.  Top with grated cheese.


Kelli said...

Haha you're so funny.
Did you make this up yourself? Sounds yummy.

jamie k said...

somebody come make this for me...