Thursday, November 17, 2011

Caramel in a Crockpot

Take an unopened can of Sweet and Condensed Milk (regular or non fat),
Put it in the crockpot,
Fill the crockpot with water until the can is completely submerged,
Turn it on low for 8 hours,
Open and use for dippin.

Warning! When you open the can, contents will be under pressure, so keep your face/eyes out of the way of any "spitting". I learned that the hard way.


jamie k said...

can't you just put that can in a pot of water on the stove ... or in hot water in the sink???

i'm just wondering if a crock pot does anything special.

Kelli said...

you have to cook it slowly for 8 hours. so you could run hot water over it for 8 hours, or you could slowly boil it on the stove for 8 hours....

jamie k said...

i think i'll run it under hot water for 8 hours. haha. jk.

nettie said...

Yes Jamie, that's how we did it in college

nettie said...

But we didn't do it for 8 hours