Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Here's something fun ... let's all say what we are making for Thanksgiving (and doing) ... since it really is "eat or die" on Thanksgiving day. I'm always interested. I'm sure nobody will participate, but I'm trying this anyway.

We are going to a friend's house and she is pretty much doing everything. But I'm making a turkey breast (bone in) brined in this; she's doing a whole turkey. Gonna cook it in a roasting bag. Also taking a veggie tray and sour cream lemon pie. Yep, that's all I'm responsible for. Kind of nice.

What are YOU making/doing this Thanksgiving?


Kelli said...

oh heavens, what am i NOT making?

today i did the baking:
pumpkin pie
chocolate pie

tomorrow i am cooking:
mashed potatoes
sweet mashed potatoes
stuffing (from a box)

carrots and celery and dip

and we are wearing pilgrim/indian hats. :)

i will take pictures and post on here probably. maybe i will post grandma cook's chocolate pie recipe...

jamie k said...

i usually think stove top is better than other stuffing :).

i'm interested in the choc pie recipe.

how are you doing your turkey? remember you brined it one year? i'm interested to see if i think it even makes a difference.

jamie k said...

oh, and i'm also making a pumpkin pie and rhodes rolls ... just not taking it to dinner.

Kelli said...

i got one of those little turkey breasts with the built in timer thingy? i'm not doing a thing to it. we had it last year, and i thought it was tasty just on its own.

if i was making a turkey for loads of people, and it was the only thing i was in charge of, i would put more work into it. but my little pilgrims and indians won't know the difference.

remember i brined the turkey in my soccer team's water cooler? ha hahahahahahaha! that's awesome.

Mary said...

Lion House Rolls, mandarin crazin Spinach salad, Sour Cream Lemon pie. I've had three people call me for the pie recipe so far today too.

I'm missing everyone this year! It's only us and the folks here tomorrow.

nettie said...

Jamie I am taking almost the exact same thing...veggie tray, pie (choc, sour cream lemon, pump), and green salad.

nettie said...

Brining definitely makes a difference, just ask America's test kitchen.

jamie k said...

thanks for your participation. if we don't already know the recipe, you can post it!!!

Emily said...

OMG! We are all bringing sour cream lemon pie, it must be some awarding winning pie or something. Mom even told me Kim was making it.

I'm bringing Brandon's famous yams (it just makes the big day so easy), cranberry fruit salad (found in the sorensen family cook book), and of course, sour crm lemon pie.

Kelli said...

i am such a loser for not making sour cream lemon pie!

but i am having it featured on my friend's blog - i will post the link when she does it. :)

Kelli said...

and ps i ended up mixing butter, parsely, rosemary, sage, tyme, and putting it up the turkey's smells so good up in here! :)

Emily said...

YUM! It was good.

jamie k said...

my friend asked for the sour cream lemon pie recipe! maybe i'll enter it into a contest someday and take credit for it. juuuust kidding mom, i'll give you the credit.

do you realize it has taken me all day to realize that when nettie wrote "pump" she meant pumpkin. i've been wondering what the heck pump pie is. plumb? typo? ahhhh...and now i get it. pumpkin. i'm so smart.