Monday, March 28, 2011

Omelets in a Bag

This is the kids latest. We learned this from Brad and Kathryn several years ago but had kind of forgotten about them. A few days ago I couldn't think of anything for them to eat for lunch. I asked if they wanted to make omelets in a bag and they were sooooo excited. So we did it and they ate them up!

We have a hard time getting them to eat a good breakfast in the morning. Especially protein. So this morning we had them make omelets in a bag and again they ate them up! I love it cause there is little mess, only your boiling pot of water and the cutting board that you cut the veggies up on (and the egg on the floor if someone happens to miss the bag:)).

  • Boil water in a pot. If we are just doing 2 or 3 I used my 4 qt, when we do more I use bigger.
  • I use a quart size freezer bag cause I don't want it to break in the water, but a regular might still work, put in your egg. (aaron and I do 2)
  • Put in about a tablespoon of milk and some salt and the kids squish it together.
  • Add veggies and cheese. The girls only like broccoli , I like onions, mushrooms and anything else I might have. Chop the veggies up pretty small so they can cook.
  • remove air from bag and seal it up.
  • Drop the bag in boiling water and let cook. I use a wooden spoon to squish it around and make sure the runny inside gets pushed to the outside. I also make sure the zipper part stays above water so I can handle it.
  • when its done - maybe 3 to 5 minutes, I don't know I have never timed it, drop it out on a plate, throw your bag away, and enjoy!


Garn said...

Dear Kim,

For those of us with a more generous waste line, is there an egg white alternative.


Melting - one yoke at a time

nettie said...

I'm excited to try this...and the egg white omelet is a good idea