Thursday, March 24, 2011

poppy seed dressing (for spinach salad)

i know. this is a pretty boring post, but i just love this dressing.  it is pretty sweet - which i love - but if you don't like such sweet dressings, i would leave out some sugar. it is for spinach salad. i made some today with strawberries, almonds, monterey jack cheese, bacon, and red onion (and of course spinach). we couldn't stop eating it.

1 cup of Sugar
2 tsp. of Dry Mustard
2 tsp. of Salt
2/3 cup of Red Wine Vinegar
1 ½ cup of Oil
3 tsp. of Poppy Seeds

it makes a lot. i will definitely 1/2 it next time. i just want to drink it.


Kelli said...

oooh i love this stuff! i'ma gonna make me some.

Kelli said...

i am frantically eating this salad. it is so good. inhale inhale.

Garn said...

Dear Jamie,

Could you please add a disclaimer to this recipe. ***Disclaimer - Do not eat before a random drug test at work***


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