Saturday, March 26, 2011


anyone have a favorite store brand salsa?  I usually make my own salsa (either pico de gallo or this --minus the garlic), but sometimes I need to buy some for a recipe.

Let me know if you have a favorite.


jamie k said...

i really think wal mart's salsa is good (the great value brand or whatever). the black bean and corn salsa is great for chips and dip ... or the regular salsa for recipes.

the BEST store bought salsa though is Rojo's ... it's a little fancier than the regular jarred salsas. it's in the refrigerated section. it's really, really good.

Pace might be my least favorite, but it's the most popular. go figure.

Kelli said...

this isn't salsa, but have you had queso fresco? it is my new favorite cheese. i put it on everything. including that spinach salad? smmmmmssmm

Kim said...

We like Herdez Salsa Casera. I love the flavor, I think you can only get in hot though, so sometimes my mouth burns. But it is yummy. . . Another yummy homemade salsa is found at my kitchen cafe, and it is called one minute salsa. YUMMY!

Garn said...

Hoof R. Ted makes a mean salsa! You may want to consult Carmelo as well. I know he used to read Kim's blog a few years back.

jamie k said...

lol garn. kim, your brother's funny. it's nice to have a guy at the site.

i was going to mention the one minute salsa also ... not for "store bought" recs, but just cause it's good.

nettie said...

sweet kim, i think that is what i ended up buying at the store the other day.

i know i don't really like pace, but it's what i always buy.