Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jamie's last 5

These are the last five that I can remember. I need to go to the store. I've been making stuff with what I got lately, so I don't really remember what we've had.

Taco Soup. I love taco soup. So easy and so good. And healthy. (1cup=145 kcal)
Grilled chicken with roasted red pepper sauce/pasta. From Pioneer Woman. It was ok.
Creamy Chicken Taquitos. Mel's.
Pasta alfredo with chicken and veggies. Mel's. I think Mary posted it on here too once.
Tomato Soup.

I'm going grocery shopping this week. Here's my upcoming menu items (in no particular order)...just in case you want some ideas:

Pot Roast + roasted potatoes and veggies.
Smothered Pork Chops + ?veg and brown rice. Mom introduced me to these. SOOO good. I leave out the bacon because I hate dealing with bacon. Costco has really good pork chops. I've always meant to do a post for these.
Pasta Fagioli.
Sloppy Joes + salad.
Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos (never tried these, but Nettie you said you liked them).
Spaghetti Pie (never tried this) + ???. This looks fun.
Creamy Swiss Chicken Bake (never tried this, but looks really easy) + quinoa, roast broccoli. This looks easy and good enough.
White Chicken Chili. Never made this, but had it at Kelli's and it was good.

I'm also going to make homemade refried beans. I never use them, but if I make my own, maybe I will. Plus, my kids will just eat them plain with cheese on top I'm sure. Easy lunch.


Kelli said...

I've been meaning to edit that chili recipe, so I just did.

before I used real garlic and sautéed stuff before putting it in the crock. now I just dump it all in there (besides the chicken...I George forman that first)

Kelli said...

also, I'm totally going to try those sweet pot black been burritos.

jamie k said...

Kelli, I was looking through recipes I think on our best bites and this recipe was on there...maybe slightly diff. Anyway, you can just cook the chicken in with all the stuff, take it out and shred it, then put it back in. That's my plan. Sounds so easy.

nettie said...

We liked the burritos, didn't love them. I've never made them again. But they weren't bad. You might love them.

nettie said...

also, my favorite part of white chicken chili (I use emilys recipe in the family cookbook, but modified) is pico and avocado on top.

jamie k said...

Nettie, the only reason I'm making those is bc is thought you really loved them. Arg.

And Kelli, I meant to put my comment above about cooking the chicken with the soup on your actual post of the soup. Oops.

nettie said...

Sorry. We didn't not like them.

Mary said...

We love them! I add a cup of frozen corn and a package of cooked spinach to them. You can add cooked shredded chicken too of you want.